We deliver legal solutions
for law firms and lawyers


We help attorneys and law firm owners identify, understand, and navigate the legal, business, and ethics-related issues that stem from running a law practice.

Our firm’s overarching purpose is to help you achieve your business and legal goals. As you build your firm, you want to take advantage of opportunities and protect against threats, both internal and external. You have worked hard to create and build your law firm, life, and career. And those investments need to be both protected and cultivated. Law Firm GC understands that.

We provide customized services that include:


Outside General Counsel:

As outside general counsel, Law Firm GC provides guidance where legal and ethics issues, risk management, and business strategy intersect. Whether it be hourly or for a monthly or annual subscription fee, you can hire the Firm to serve as your law firm’s outside general counsel.


Risk Management:

We provide on demand advice on day-to-day issues that arise in your practice. We can help you with your law firm’s business structure; lease; malpractice insurance; employee issues; business & vender agreements; client intake procedures; retainer agreements; conflict check procedures; work flow processes; data security issues; and marketing/advertising materials.


Succession Planning:

We are in the midst of a huge demographic shift in this country. Law firms are not immune. As older generations phase out of the practice, they need succession plans to hand the reins over to the younger generations. We assist firms in creating organized succession plans.


Crisis Planning:

Is your firm prepared for the unexpected? Whether it be the result of a fire or flood, a data breach, or some other disaster, a law firm can be thrown into chaos or come to a screeching halt at a moment’s notice. We can help you prepare a detailed plan to help your firm to prevent a crisis or to provide operational continuity when it is needed most.


Fee Disputes:

Unfortunately, disputes related to legal fees are not uncommon. There are often disagreements between lawyers and clients and between lawyers and lawyers. We have experience litigating negotiating and litigating these disputes.


Law firm Health Crisis Plans:

Most firms have not prepared for the death or disability of the primary or sole partner. You don’t want to leave your clients unprotected. And you don’t want to leave it to your spouse or heirs to try to figure out what to do. We can help you set up a plan for an orderly transition. We can also serve as the Designated Attorney who steps in to temporarily manage and/or close your law practice.

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Governance Documents:

Law Firm GC drafts agreements between and among lawyers, including law firm partnership agreements, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, non-equity partner agreements, of counsel agreements, associate employment agreements, and staff employment agreements.


Law Firm Dissolutions and Lateral Movement:

Lawyers today rarely stay at one firm their entire career.  When they decide to move to another firm, there are a host of ethical and legal issues that cannot be ignored. With the utmost discretion, we assist lawyers and whole practice groups navigate potential landmines when leaving their existing firms. When disputes between or among lawyers and law firms arise, we assist in dispute resolution through mediation and negotiation. If that approach is unsuccessful, we have experience litigating and trying disputes arising out of lateral movement, partner withdrawal, and law firm dissolutions.


Law Practice Purchase and Sale:

Are you in the market to buy or sell a law practice? We provide advice to make sure you do not run afoul of the ethics rules and to structure such a transaction in a way that makes the most sense.


Mediator/Arbitrator/Expert Witness:

We serve as mediator, arbitrator, or expert in business disputes or ethics issues involving attorneys.